GOP Still Looking for Consensus on Tax Plan

President Trump held an event this week in Harrisburg, PA, to emphasize the need for massive tax cuts, while Senate Republicans will try to clear a major legislative hurdle with next week’s vote on their budget resolution. During a speech to truckers in Harrisburg, Trump said workers could see an additional $4,000 in pay if… Read more »

Tax Reform Framework Expected Next Week

Discussions are ongoing between the administration and Congress on how to reform the tax code. Republican leadership in Congress and the White House plan to release a tax reform framework next week. The contents of the framework and to what extent it will focus on policy remains to be seen. Business leaders and lawmakers are hoping this will… Read more »

Tax Reform Front and Center

As we reported last week, President Trump reached a deal with Democrats to raise the debt limit and fund the government for three months. An agreement was reached in part due the critical need for relief aid in the area impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Congress has now turned to continuing the appropriations process and tax… Read more »

Trump Ready to Take Reins on Tax Reform

The Trump administration on Wednesday released the outlines of a tax reform plan that includes steep cuts in tax rates but abandons the controversial border adjustment tax that House leaders have been pushing in their own tax blueprint. The White House plan calls for a huge cut in the corporate tax rate, from 35 percent… Read more »

White House Developing Tax Reform Plan

The White House continues to stress its commitment to overhauling the tax code this year, while acknowledging it may not come together by its original target date of August. President Trump has promised a “phenomenal” tax reform plan but hasn’t said whether it will resemble the bill that House Republicans have promoted, which includes a… Read more »