Senate Dems Anticipate Dec. 23 Health Care Vote

Despite the seeming setback dealt to the Democrats comprehensive health care reform efforts this weekend by Senator Lieberman (I-CT) and Ben Nelson (D-NE), Senate Democrats are planning a procedural move to set-up a December 23 vote on their health care legislation and have indicated they are close to 60 votes. Over the weekend, Senator Lieberman… Read more »

Senators Float Medicare Buy-In Compromise

In an effort to gain the 60 votes needed for passage, moderate Democratic Senators leaked a potential compromise yesterday that would remove the public option from the Senate health care bill and replace it with a larger Medicare pool. The proposal would be to replace the public option language in the bill with a provision… Read more »

Reid Opts for an Opt-Out Public Option

Yesterday, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) held a press conference to unveil a few details of the Senate’s merged comprehensive health care bill.  Earlier in the day Reid sent a few variations of the comprehensive bill to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to be scored, so his press conference lacked a discussion of many… Read more »