Restaurant Associations Launch “Freedom is Sweet!TM” Campaign to Support Military Families

The National Restaurant Association and the Texas Restaurant Association are teaming up to launch the “Freedom is Sweet”™ campaign to support rehabilitation efforts of returning American troops.  The campaign, whose website is, supports all branches of service and their families through housing, medical, athletic, occupational and physical training programs.  While limited to Texas this year,… Read more »

Associations Ask for Extension of Low-Cost Plans

The DC publication Politico is highlighting an area of implementation for the recently passed health care reform that could impact some associations’ members for the worse, and shows the continued need for association advocacy during the implementation of the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act. The legislation included a ban on annual caps for insurance… Read more »

Senators Float Medicare Buy-In Compromise

In an effort to gain the 60 votes needed for passage, moderate Democratic Senators leaked a potential compromise yesterday that would remove the public option from the Senate health care bill and replace it with a larger Medicare pool. The proposal would be to replace the public option language in the bill with a provision… Read more »

How Associations Help You Have a Safe Thanksgiving

As Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday and millions begin to pack their luggage to travel, associations are providing valuable advice and information to ensure that everyone has a safe and less stressful holiday season. Thanksgiving week is considered the largest travel weekend of the year, with millions of Americans driving and flying to… Read more »