Trump Introduces Ethics Reform Plan

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump this week released a five-point ethics reform plan designed to “drain the swamp” in the nation’s capital. “If I’m elected president I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress,” Trump said at a rally in Colorado Springs, CO, this week. “Decades of… Read more »

ASAE Sends Follow-Up Message to White House on OGE Issue

ASAE today sent a letter to the White House from President & CEO John Graham CAE in response to a story in last weekend’s New York Times on the ongoing consideration of the Office of Government Ethics’ (OGE) proposed ethics rule.  The story said the Office of Government Ethics “is now weighing the response to… Read more »

ASAE Releases Sign-on Comments for OGE Proposed Rule

After gathering comments and support from the association community for the past few weeks, ASAE has crafted its comments to the Office of Government Ethics expressing our concern over their language mis-identifying the role of trade associations in public life.  You can find the ASAE comments here, as well as our accompanying fact sheet on… Read more »

ASAE Preparing Comments On OGE Proposed Rules

ASAE is preparing comments on the Obama administration’s proposed rule that would restrict government employees from accepting free invites to trade association programs and events. OGE was directed by the White House to write regulations extending the lobbyist gift ban for political appointees to all executive branch employees, and published its proposed rulemaking in the… Read more »