Michigan Associations Take Power of A Message to Radio

Associations are spreading the message that they drive economic recovery and improve society through a variety of means.  The Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE) and its members are sharing this message in creative way. MSAE promotes the value of associations in a new radio program on the Michigan Business Network, a streaming radio show… Read more »

Public Option Voted Down in Finance Committee

In a move the national media is decrying as the death of the public option, the Senate Finance Committee voted down two amendments yesterday that would have inserted language into the Chairman’s Mark creating and funding a public insurance plan run by the federal government. The Chairman’s Mark currently has language funding the creation of… Read more »

Administration Hedges on Co-ops

Although it has been hinted at for weeks, this Sunday the Obama administration made its biggest hedge of support for the “public plan”.  On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday night, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the public plan “is not the essential element” to health care reform for the… Read more »

Are Co-ops the New AHPs?

Key Senators negotiating aspects of the Finance Committee health care reform bill spoke to the media yesterday and gave further details on the still-unfinished legislation.  Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) gave further details on the bill’s “co-op” proposal, and although the media coverage focused mainly on the debate among Democrats (subscription) on whether a co-op could… Read more »