Deficit Panel Releases Final Report

The president’s deficit panel released its final report today and added details to its original leaked outline for how it suggests the U.S. balance the budget and enact a more stable fiscal policy.  Dubbed “The Moment of Truth”, the document adopts some policies from other private deficit commissions and adjusts some of its prior recommendations…. Read more »

How the Deficit Reduction Plans Impact Associations

This month, three major panels have released high-profile plans to reduce the federal deficit and balance the budget within the near future.  While the press has focused on some of the more high-profile topics like raising taxes or defense spending, the plans, if implemented as written, would have an impact on nonprofits and nonprofit governance:… Read more »

Charitable Donations See Slight Drop in 2009

Despite more downcast estimates, the Giving USA Foundation and its research partner, the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, released a report showing American charitable contributions have declined only about 4% in 2009. The total contributions, given by U.S. individuals, corporations and foundations, slid from $315.08 billion in 2008 to $303.75 billion in 2009. Individual… Read more »

What Will Finance Do on Health Care?

Members of Congress and staffers have the day off in recognition of Yom Kippur, but even with the break they are preparing for a contentious week of health care debating. Most of the attention this week will be on the Senate Finance Committee, which resumes its markup of the Chairman’s Mark health care language tomorrow. … Read more »