Senate Votes Down Medicare Fix

While House and Senate Democratic leaders try to cobble together enough votes to pass their health care legislation, both chambers had votes on components of reform that could signal what smaller issues could impact the passage of a larger bill. The Senate vote was a 53-47 vote against a motion to proceed on a Medicare… Read more »

Finance Committee Releases Legislative Language

The Senate Finance Committee yesterday released the legislative language for its health care reform proposal.  The massive 1,502 page bill contains few surprises, reflecting the Finance Committee mark-up earlier this month and technical corrections made to the language. Of note to the nonprofit community is the legislative language on the small employer subsidy the bill… Read more »

Most Major Issues Ducked by Finance Committee

The Senate Finance Committee yesterday continued to debate the list of amendments to its comprehensive health care reform legislation, but conspicuously absent from the discussion were any amendments tied to the major issues being discussed by members of Congress and the media, according to Politico.  At the beginning of yesterday’s hearing, the first amendment discussed… Read more »

Waxman Investigates Small Business Insurance Purges

Bloomberg News is reporting this morning that House Energy & Commerce Chair Henry Waxman (D-CA) sent letters to six insurance companies demanding information on their small business plans and specifically a response to allegations that the insurers routinely drop small businesses when their premiums increase due to employee illness. The letters, which were sent to… Read more »