IRS Releases Regs on Employer Mandate and Health Discounts

As 2014 approaches, the final pieces to the Affordable Care Act puzzle continue to fall into place, and this week the latest piece involved how the discounts employers could provide for participation in wellness programs would affect the employer mandate. First, a review of the two concepts: The Affordable Care Act allows insurers and employers… Read more »

Kaiser Poll Finds Friends, Not Employer, is Main Information Source on ACA

Yesterday we shared on our site a study from Aflac that employees tend to renew their current health insurance plans annually and have little knowledge of the major aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  Today, a new Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll shows the reason your employees may have little knowledge about the ACA. The… Read more »

Aflac Survey Shows Employees Like Employer Control of Insurance Choices

The Affordable Care Act has provided employees with new tools to discern the best health coverage for them/their families, from streamlined templates for picking plans in the Exchange to requiring insurers to list their costs and benefits the same way.  However, despite these attempts to create a more informed consumer base, the ACA’s changes do… Read more »

Congress Facing Same Struggles as Association Community with ACA

A large employer is examining its benefits for employees for the 2014 fiscal year (it’s an October to September organization) and it is realizing that the cost of providing insurance to employees and senior staff may be prohibitive.  Because of the complexities of the new law, it may no longer be able to cover 75%… Read more »