Look-Back Methods May Be Off The Table for Employer Mandate

During a conference hosted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, an IRS official told attendees that the long-awaited guidance on complying with the employer mandate may not require a “look-back” measurement to determine what employees qualify as full time equivalents or full-time employees, according to the Bureau of National Affairs. The look-back measurement… Read more »

Oregon Exchange Offers Positive Hope for Rate Moderation

As we’ve shared on this site, one of the major benefits to a working Exchange is the competition it is supposed to create among insurance companies; with a larger market available to it and consumers able to view their offerings side-by-side with comparable plans from other companies, this idea was a major reason why Exchanges… Read more »

Insurers and State Governments Working on Enrollment for Exchanges

Imagine the government passed a law that your company hated because you knew it had the potential to not destroy but destabilize your company for years to come.  Now imagine you had to now turn around and publicly extol the virtue of that law, because not doing so could financially bankrupt your industry. That, according to Politico, is… Read more »