ASAE is proud to recognize the following 2017 Power of A Silver Award winners for their efforts to educate and protect the public. American Bar Association – Flood Proof In Louisiana it is not uncommon for people to live in their deceased relative’s house for decades and never formally establish ownership of the property. Although… Read more »

ASAE is hosting a panel discussion on tax reform and the possible impact on associations on Dec. 6 from 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m. at ASAE’s offices in Washington, DC. The panel will discuss the specific provisions in the tax bill the House is expected to release next week, as well as how those proposed changes to… Read more »

New security measures for all passengers on U.S.-bound flights took effect today, with airline personnel conducting short interviews with travelers at check-in or the boarding gate. The directive was announced by the Trump administration in July as an alternative to banning laptops and other electronic devices from the cabin of inbound flights to the U.S…. Read more »

The path to enacting tax reform legislation this year just got much clearer with the House passage of a budget resolution earlier today. With the budget passed, House tax-writers are expected to release a tax bill Nov. 1 and start marking up legislation the week of Nov. 6. Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady… Read more »

House Republicans narrowly passed the Senate’s budget plan today, clearing a major hurdle in their quest to overhaul the tax code this year. The budget legislation is a far cry from the plan the House initially passed, which would have required lawmakers to offset the costs of new tax cuts and slash mandatory spending by… Read more »