ASAE is proud to recognize the following 2019 Power of A Silver Award winners for their work to solve difficult societal problems. American Society of Anesthesiologists – Leading Change in the Opioid Crisis As leaders in pain medicine, physician anesthesiologists are uniquely positioned to help stem the opioid crisis through interventions in the surgical setting…. Read more »

Internal control weaknesses are keeping the IRS from investigating abusive tax schemes involving tax-exempt entities, according to a report this week from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). GAO found that audits of potentially abusive schemes involving charities and other tax-exempt organizations declined by nearly 99 percent in the 10-year period between fiscal 2008 and 2017…. Read more »

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The IRS will continue to focus on implementing the 2017 tax law and the Taxpayer First Act, according to its priority guidance plan for 2019-2020 released this week. The priority guidance plan identifies and prioritizes tax issues that should be addressed through regulations, revenue procedures, notices and other published guidance. The guidance plan includes a… Read more »

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released a proposal Oct. 9 that it says represents a “unified approach” to taxing the digital economy. The OECD plan is based on allocating more corporate profits to countries where multinational corporations have a large market presence. That means some countries with big consumer bases are going… Read more »

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock this week urged the IRS to reconsider its proposed rules that would reduce donor disclosure rules for certain tax-exempt groups. In comments to the IRS, Bullock reiterated his concern about the influence of “dark money” in politics and said the states may need donor information to enforce limits on nonprofit political… Read more »