ASAE is debuting a 10-episode “Stronger by Association” podcast this year to celebrate 10 years of The Power of A campaign. The first episode, focused on the global impact of associations, is available for download on The Power of A website. Hosted by ASAE Vice President of Public Policy Mary Kate Cunningham, CAE, the inaugural… Read more »

The DC Council is considering a bill that would require employers in the District that offer parking benefits to offer a “cash out” incentive to encourage employees to take transit, walk or bike to work instead of driving. The Transportation Benefits Equity Act won unanimous approval in a Council hearing on March 3 but will… Read more »

The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is requesting comments on possible avenues to increase public access to peer-reviewed research published in scientific and technical journals. The White House is said to be considering an executive order that would mandate the immediate, free publication of federally funded research, eliminating the ability of scientific and… Read more »

ASAE delivered a letter March 4 to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) seeking more information about the department’s recent interpretation that membership fees to join a professional association are taxable if the member receives tangible personal property in addition to non-taxable services in exchange for their dues payment. The DOR rendered its interpretation in… Read more »

Put ASAE’s new Stronger by Association podcast at the top of your subscription list! Launching in celebration of our Centennial and 10 years of the Power of A, the podcast showcases how America’s and the world’s pressing problems are being solved through the association community’s power of partnership. Hosted by VP of Public Policy Mary… Read more »