William E. Cramer Marketing Director http://www.naco.org/ National Association of Counties (NACo) represents all county government officials across the nation. County government is the government closest to the people, employing hundreds of thousands of people, spending more than $300,000,000 billion a year and providing local services to keep our economy running.

Etta Reyes Associate Director, Administration http://nmaonline.org/ Our association is crucial in these difficult times. One of the most useful and instrumental services offered to members is that we provide guidance and solutions for the continuation of their work load so as to keep people engaged and employed in their business. Economic recovery means keeping jobs… Read more »

Mark Herzog Executive Director http://www.vacats.org/ The Virginia Biotechnology Association (VaBIO) launched a new initiative called “the Virginia Council on Advanced Technology Skills (VCATS) to design a fast track online pathway that connects people to 21st Century jobs. An individual can take an online assessment and receive a certification for advanced manufacturing or bioscience skills depending… Read more »

Dorothy I. Mitstifer, PhD Kappa Omicron Nu http://www.achsnatl.org/ I believe the following initiatives focus on issues that have potential for the long-term impact on the economy via projects having to do with social responsibility. Kappa Omicron Nu, an honor society for the human sciences, is inaugurating a social responsibility theme for the next academic year… Read more »