I’ve really enjoyed reading the various posts on this site, and getting a sense of how my colleagues are approaching some tough challenges in the industries and professions they represent. This seems like a good forum for sharing some ideas that might be adaptable by other groups. In that vein, I’d like to share a… Read more »


Earlier this week, representatives of several organizations and associations with a stake in health care reform were called to the White House to provide their perspectives on reforming the health care system and reducing costs. “[W]e have joined together in an unprecedented effort, as private sector stakeholders—physicians, hospitals, other health care workers, payors, suppliers, manufacturers,… Read more »

We’re highly appreciative of all the comments on this campaign and the responses to John’s post. We’ll continue to listen to what you have to say. We do realize that associations already employ lobbyists to articulate their members’ concerns on Capitol Hill. Associations are very effective advocates for the industries and professions they represent. Unfortunately, there’s… Read more »