In an apparent attempt to push the Senate Finance Committee’s consideration of comprehensive health care, members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension (HELP) Committee leaked details of the upcoming Kennedy comprehensive health care reform legislation.  The Washington Post reports the bill’s language could be released as early as today (June 1).  The outline… Read more »

With lawmakers still considering options for financing health care reform, ASAE joined a coalition of diverse nonprofit organizations this week in opposing a proposal from the Obama administration to impose new limits on charitable tax deductions. The Senate Finance Committee last week released a wide range of policy options for funding comprehensive reform of America’s… Read more »

The Senate Finance Committee May 18 released a 41-page list of policy options for funding comprehensive reform of America’s health care system, many of which have already prompted criticism from affected industries and their respective associations. The options on the table are wide-ranging, and include potential savings achieved from within the health care system, modifications… Read more »


I’ve really enjoyed reading the various posts on this site, and getting a sense of how my colleagues are approaching some tough challenges in the industries and professions they represent. This seems like a good forum for sharing some ideas that might be adaptable by other groups. In that vein, I’d like to share a… Read more »