Of the many professional benefits to attending American Associations Day, one of the most important for association professionals is the ability to create relationships with members of Congress and their staff from your state.  The meetings that an attendee has with lawmakers and their staff can be the beginning of an important partnership between offices… Read more »

How is your association forming partnerships to improve society? Part of the power of associations and the good they do for society is found in their partnerships with other organizations to create programs to help a needy segment of the population.  ASAE & The Center on January 21 will be providing an opportunity for associations… Read more »

Last year, ASAE launched the “Power of A” campaign, an interactive campaign designed not only to educate the public and lawmakers about how associations are social and economic drivers, but to engage the association community in a discussion about how individual associations show the Power of A.  The Power of A campaign will continue in… Read more »

The Power of A and ASAE will begin its holiday hours next week and as such the site will only be updated if there is a major story or issue breaking.  However, check back with us in the new year for new content and the continuation of the Power of A campaign, including items like:… Read more »

Despite the seeming setback dealt to the Democrats comprehensive health care reform efforts this weekend by Senator Lieberman (I-CT) and Ben Nelson (D-NE), Senate Democrats are planning a procedural move to set-up a December 23 vote on their health care legislation and have indicated they are close to 60 votes. Over the weekend, Senator Lieberman… Read more »