AABB – Fostering a Well-informed Field The AABB, which represents individuals and institutions involved in the fields of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies, earned a 2019 ASAE Power of A Gold Award for its Cellular Therapies Certificate Program, created to provide a comprehensive overview of cellular therapies (CT) to support training of current practitioners and to attract… Read more »

More than eight years after initiating an upgrade to its data loss prevention plan, the IRS still does not have all systems operational to prevent the loss of taxpayers’ personal information, according to a new report from the Treasury Inspector General’s office. The report, issued Aug. 22, said the IRS has taken some steps to… Read more »

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House leaders last Friday briefed their rank-and-file members on the likelihood that Congress will need to pass another short-term spending patch to keep the government running until late November or early December. In a call with House Democrats last week, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) pointed out that the summer recess does not end… Read more »

American and French negotiators have reached a deal on how to handle France’s new digital tax on technology giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. “We have reached a very good agreement,” said French President Emmanuel Macron in a joint press conference with President Trump during the G7 summit Aug. 26. As part of the… Read more »

President Trump on Aug. 24 promised a “major” middle-class tax cut if he is reelected and Republicans retake the House in the 2020 elections. “If Republicans take back the House, and keep the Senate and Presidency, one of our first acts will be to approve a major middle income tax cut,” Trump tweeted over last… Read more »