As this year’s extended flu season continues, aided by numerous cases of H1N1 (or “swine”) flu, employers are grappling with the best way to balance the personal health of their employees, the public health risks of the contagious illness, and their own business operation plans in the face of critical absences from the office.  The… Read more »

Saturday night the House of Representatives passed HR 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, by a vote of 220-215.  Thirty-nine Democrats crossed the aisle to vote with all but one Republican against the bill. The Wall Street Journal has a breakdown of how the bill will impact different constituencies, and more in-depth information… Read more »

What do you think (vote your opinion)? When will Congress send the President a comprehensive health care bill to sign?(polls) Reports this morning from the Senate cast doubt on whether the chamber will be able to pass its version of comprehensive health care reform in the current calendar year. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)… Read more »

Every year across the country, associations are helping society by creating programs within their members’ expertise designed to improve society.  These programs, no matter the size or scope, personify the Power of A message that associations are economic and societal drivers.  The Power of A often posts examples of programs that benefit society, but we… Read more »