Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its recommendation for the creation of a “do-not-track” Internet privacy database, which would allow consumers to opt-out of having their browsing information collected by websites and site advertisers.  The recommendation is part of a broader push to further protect consumers from privacy breaches but could hinder advertisers and… Read more »

Two separate reports recently have again placed nonprofits in the position as revenue raisers for local government. DC Council member Mary Cheh last week sent a letter to the entire council advocating for a PILOT (payments in lieu of taxes) from city universities.  Her letter states that by charging every city university a $100 fee… Read more »

The president’s deficit panel released its final report today and added details to its original leaked outline for how it suggests the U.S. balance the budget and enact a more stable fiscal policy.  Dubbed “The Moment of Truth”, the document adopts some policies from other private deficit commissions and adjusts some of its prior recommendations…. Read more »