In a climate of, “if it bleeds it leads” and unprecedented popularity of negative poor sportsmanship stories going viral, trying to popularize good sportsmanship was and is a daunting task. The Awards and Recognition Association’s ARA Sportsmanship Award has not only taken it on  – as the association presents the ARA Sportsmanship Award to a… Read more »

ASAE filed comments with the IRS Aug. 1 on some potential revisions to the Form 990, the return filed by most tax-exempt organizations. The IRS extensively redesigned the Form 990 for the 2008 tax year in an effort to promote tax compliance and increase transparency. With the major reconstruction of the form complete, the IRS… Read more »

The Kansas Dental Association is celebrating its 140th anniversary by creating a program to help low-income families receive affordable dental care.  In honor of the anniversary, the association is launching an initiative to encourage 140 more Kansas dentists to participate in Medicaid. The goal of the program is to have more dentists participate in the… Read more »

A new report by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) finds that members of Congress value social media interaction more than people may have previously thought.  The report, “Social Congress: Perceptions and Use of Social Media on Capitol Hill“, is based on a survey of 260 Congressional staff conducted between October and December 2010. Among the… Read more »