Leaders in the Art of Civil Discourse

Finding a common purpose with others is a hallmark of associations, a community of leaders practiced in the art of civil discourse. Associations have their roots in America’s founding, and over time, we have perfected the art of working together so that industries, professions, and individuals can succeed to their fullest.

Today, association professionals are champions for all those who rely on civil discourse for the good of society. Through our ingrained ability to collaborate, we set an example for others who must to come together to achieve meaningful results. Associations are valuable resources for policymakers who also need to consider the needs of diverse constituents and achieve the best results for the good of all. Through civil discourse in the political arena, people from different backgrounds, cultures, and points of view can bring a varied perspective to problem-solving. Even while their constituents sometimes have opposing needs, officials can learn to be inclusive and open to listening to voices other than their own.

We have drafted a brief statement of commitment to let the 116th Congress know that we are here to help and are rooting for them to work together to solve our nation’s pressing problems. We also will be highlighting examples of our community’s work so that all of us can always be reminded of the pressing need for civility. Learn more about how associations strengthen America and the world.