Trump Relaxes 501(c)(3) Political Activity Rules

President Trump signed an executive order this morning that eases restrictions on political activity by churches, charities and other 501(c)(3) groups. Marking the National Day of Prayer, Trump’s executive order attempts to neutralize the Johnson Amendment, named for Lyndon Johnson who introduced it in the Senate in 1954. The measure prevents churches and charitable organizations… Read more »

White House Developing Tax Reform Plan

The White House continues to stress its commitment to overhauling the tax code this year, while acknowledging it may not come together by its original target date of August. President Trump has promised a “phenomenal” tax reform plan but hasn’t said whether it will resemble the bill that House Republicans have promoted, which includes a… Read more »

Trump Says ACA Repeal Still Top Priority

President Trump appeared to reshuffle his legislative agenda again this week by saying that Congress has to pass an Affordable Care Act replacement bill before undertaking any other major priorities such as tax reform. After suffering through a failed health care repeal-and-replace effort last month, Trump said he was content to move on to overhauling… Read more »

Trump Administration Considers ‘Extreme Vetting’

The Trump administration is reviewing possible “extreme vetting” procedures for foreign nationals who visit the U.S., according to various reports this week. Administration officials told The Wall Street Journal that they are evaluating whether to require foreign travelers seeking to visit the U.S. to hand over their cell phone contacts and social media passwords. The… Read more »

U.S., Britain Ban Devices on Some Flights

The United States and Britain earlier this week announced they will bar airline passengers from certain Muslim-majority countries from carrying laptop computers, iPads and other devices larger than a cell phone aboard direct inbound flights. The U.S. ban covers 10 airports in eight countries, including busy hubs in Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United… Read more »