Senate Dems Reach Agreement on $3.5T Budget Resolution

Senate Democrats reached a breakthrough this week on a $3.5 trillion package that includes massive new spending on a range of health, education and federal safety net programs endorsed by President Biden and progressive lawmakers. Republicans have opposed many of the proposals in the plan, but Democrats intend to move this legislation via the budget… Read more »

White House and Bipartisan Senators Agree to Infrastructure Framework

Today, President Biden and the bipartisan group of Senators announced they had come to an agreement on a package, including spending levels and revenue offsets. The details of the final agreement are still being worked out, but we expect it to closely resemble the nearly $1 trillion infrastructure framework the group put forward last week. The proposal… Read more »

Biden Tasks Harris with Voting Rights Push

Citing recent Republican state voting reform laws as an “unprecedented assault” on democracy, President Biden said this week that Vice President Kamala Harris will spearhead the administration’s push for legislation to expand voting rights and change campaign finance rules. The For the People Act, which passed the House in March on a party-line vote, is… Read more »

Senate Republicans Up Infrastructure Offer

Senate Republicans today released their latest counteroffer for infrastructure spending, which comes in at about $928 billion but does not budge on the major differences between GOP lawmakers and the White House proposal. The proposal, outlined by Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) and a group of fellow Republican negotiators, is a significant increase from the… Read more »

White House to Propose $6T Budget Plan

The White House is set to propose a $6 trillion budget plan tomorrow that reflects President Biden’s plans to invest in infrastructure, health care, education and the social safety net. According to documents obtained by the New York Times, Biden’s first budget request as president would take the United States to its highest sustained levels… Read more »