NYT: What’s Next for Trump’s Travel Ban?

An article from The New York Times offers insight into the judiciary possibilities of President Trump’s executive order on immigration. From the article: “If a majority of the court’s active judges voted to rehear the case, it would typically be considered by an 11-member panel made up of the circuit’s chief judge and 10 judges chosen… Read more »

Nature Op-Ed: Academics must protest against Trump’s travel ban — but they should do so productively

A recent editorial featured on Nature, the International Weekly Journal of Science, acknowledges the need for scientists to respond to the travel ban and outlines the downside to simply boycotting US-based conferences. From the article: The clear trade-off, however, is that such a boycott penalizes people from Muslim-majority countries already in the United States, who are… Read more »

Travel Ban-Executive Order on Immigration

Recent Articles: It looks like Trump has enraged yet another American industry -Washington Post (2-7-17) Federal appeals court skeptical of Trump’s travel ban -USA Today (2-7-17) – In response to President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, ASAE’s President and CEO John H. Graham IV, FASAE, CAE issued the following statement on January 30, 2017:… Read more »