Supreme Court to Consider Travel Ban

The Supreme Court is meeting today to consider whether to hear the Trump administration’s appeal of lower court rulings that blocked the president’s controversial travel ban. Speculation is that the court will agree to hear the case, given the high-profile nature of the president’s executive order and fundamental questions as to whether the administration’s ban… Read more »

Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Travel Ban

After a second federal appeals court ruled against President Trump’s revised travel ban earlier this week, the fate of the executive order is squarely in the hands of the Supreme Court. The high court is expected to announce soon whether to hear the government’s appeal of lower court rulings that have blocked the controversial travel… Read more »

DHS Still Considering Laptop Ban on Inbound Flights

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly told Congress on June 7 that the administration is still considering banning laptop computers and other larger electronics from the cabins of inbound flights from 71 airports worldwide. The DHS cited security concerns in announcing a new policy in March prohibiting large electronics from being carried on… Read more »

Ninth Circuit Hears Travel Ban Appeal

President Trump’s proposed travel ban was back in the legal spotlight this week, as a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit weighed arguments from lawyers on both sides of the issue. Trump’s travel ban has been frozen by two courts, with those challenging the order arguing that it is… Read more »