Trump Win Could Spur Tax Reform

Following President-elect Donald Trump’s win on Nov. 8, House Republicans said this week that tax reform will be near the top of their legislative agenda for 2017. A tax code overhaul is much more probable after Trump’s win, because the tax blueprint released earlier this year by GOP tax-writers is very close to the tax… Read more »

Clinton Promises Tax Breaks for Small Businesses

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton earlier this week outlined a series of tax breaks she will push if elected to make it easier for small businesses to get started and be successful. Included in Clinton’s policy solutions is a standard deduction for small businesses to save them time and money in tracking and documenting their… Read more »

Trump, GOP in Agreement on Tax Plan

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is getting on the same page as congressional Republicans when it comes to overhauling the tax code. In a speech at the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, Trump outlined a series of tax and economic reforms he supports, including a revised plan to lower individual and corporate tax rates and… Read more »