‘Must Do’ List Slows Tax Reform Timeline

Congressional leaders are now looking at a potentially contentious end-of-year spending and debt-limit fight, creating even more uncertainty as to whether tax reform legislation will happen this year. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) insisted again this week that tax reform must happen this year so that lawmakers are not voting on… Read more »

Trump Pushes Congress to Pass Tax Cuts

President Trump on Wednesday called on Congress to pass sweeping tax cuts that he vowed would “bring back Main Street” and create more jobs and higher wages for all Americans. Trump, speaking at a manufacturing company in Springfield, MO, laid out few specifics as to how he wants to overhaul the tax code, but said… Read more »

GOP Aims to Release Detailed Tax Reform Plan

Republican tax-writers are planning to release more details next month about their proposal to overhaul the tax code, but say they want to get more buy-in from rank-and-file members first. GOP leaders are reportedly wary of rolling out a tax reform plan in the same manner as the Republican plan to repeal and replace the… Read more »

Democrats Urge Bipartisan Tax Reform Effort

With congressional Republicans seeking to pivot from health care to tax reform after the August recess, Senate Democrats this week said they are willing to work across the aisle to craft a bipartisan plan to overhaul the tax code. In a letter sent Tuesday to President Trump and GOP leaders, 45 of the 48 Democratic… Read more »

‘Big Six’ Unify Around Tax Reform Framework

Administration officials have worked with congressional Republicans to draft a set of broad guidelines for enacting comprehensive tax reform later this year. The plan highlights areas of agreement among congressional tax-writing committees and the Trump administration, including a lower tax rate for all American businesses and incentives for American companies to bring back jobs and… Read more »