Trump Promises Tax-Cut Plan After Election

The Trump administration says it still wants to do another major tax overhaul but will wait until after the elections to roll out any policy specifics in the president’s plan. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the president’s aides are “deep into discussions” about further tax cuts should Trump win reelection next week, but… Read more »

Taxpayer Advocate Wants Bigger Role in IRS Reform

The Taxpayer Advocate Service told Congress this week that the office has been excluded from IRS efforts to carry out reforms mandated by the Taxpayer First Act, which was enacted last year. The law includes a number of far-reaching reforms of the IRS aimed at improving customer service, modernizing the agency’s information technology and strengthening… Read more »

ASAE Releases Two New Tax Policy Issue Briefs

Since the 2017 tax reform, two major tax-related issues have dominated ASAE advocacy: The unrelated business income tax (so-called “UBIT”) on parking and transit benefits employers provide employees; and The excise tax, under Internal Revenue (IR) Code Section 4960, on certain compensation associations and nonprofits provide senior employees. To help further inform ASAE members, stakeholder… Read more »

New Legislation Aims to Repeal UBIT on Fringe Benefits

On May 2, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) introduced the bipartisan Preserve Charities and Houses of Worship Act to repeal taxes on nonprofit fringe benefit offerings. This legislation, which accompanies a previously introduced bill in the US House of Representatives, would also rescind the requirement that organizations report their unrelated businesses or… Read more »

Democrats’ Tax Agenda Still Taking Shape

House Democrats will hold hearings this year to lay the groundwork for rolling back some of the more contentious provisions in the Republicans’ 2017 tax law. No Democrats voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that President Trump signed in December 2017, and Democratic leaders have criticized the bill as disproportionately benefitting large corporations… Read more »