LA Credentialing Bill Could Be Amended

The Louisiana Senate Commerce Committee has delayed consideration of Louisiana House Bill 748, the “Occupational Licensing Review Act,” until May 9. The bill was moving quickly through the Louisiana State Legislature last week before ASAE and many other associations with members in Louisiana expressed concern with the bill text. The bill as originally drafted would… Read more »

TX Bathroom Bill Blocked as Session Ends

The Texas legislature ended its special session last Tuesday without passing any legislation restricting the use of bathrooms by transgender individuals. ASAE worked with convention and visitor bureaus in Texas and the Keep Texas Open for Business coalition to oppose passage of legislation that would have denied public accommodations to members of the LGBTQ community… Read more »

Coalition Restates Opposition to TX Bathroom Bills

ASAE and the “Keep Texas Open for Business” coalition today released an open letter urging Texas lawmakers and Gov. Greg Abbott to abandon efforts to pass a discriminatory “bathroom bill” during the Legislature’s current special session. “Our opposition to bathroom bills remains steadfast,” the letter signers said. “We view these bills as unnecessary, and the… Read more »

IL Legislature Close to Resolving Budget Impasse

Illinois lawmakers are very close to ending a budget impasse that has consumed the legislature for more than two years. Over the Fourth of July weekend, Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed the $36 billion spending plan which includes a permanent personal income tax hike from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent. Rauner had been pushing for a… Read more »

TX Governor Wants Action on Stalled Bathroom Bill

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced June 6 he is calling state lawmakers back for a special session of the Legislature to begin July 18, in part to reconsider controversial transgender bathroom restrictions opposed by anti-discrimination groups and business interests in the state. Abbott’s special session announcement and the inclusion of bathroom restrictions on the agenda… Read more »