ASAE Issues Statement on State Voting Reform Laws

In response to a proliferation of voting reform legislation under consideration in multiple states, ASAE today issued a statement on values and principles that should guide lawmakers. A newly enacted voting law in Georgia has been challenged in a federal lawsuit filed this week by the ACLU and civil rights groups, but more than 250… Read more »

Digital Ad Tax Bills Rapidly Proliferating at State Level

With the COVID-19 pandemic exerting enormous budget pressure on state and local governments, more states under tight fiscal restraints are looking to raise revenue by taxing online advertising. Taxing internet ads could raise a lot of money, but business groups strongly oppose the proposals, citing free speech concerns and the negative impact the tax would… Read more »

DC Business Community Resists Proposed Tax Increases

Despite widespread opposition, the DC Council preliminarily approved a proposed Fiscal 2021 budget that would increase taxes on DC businesses already revenue-challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill must undergo a second reading before final passage. That vote is scheduled for July 21. The Recover Strong Alliance, a coalition of local businesses, workers and community… Read more »

NC Bill Expands Sales Tax on Digital Content

The North Carolina Legislature is considering legislation that would broaden the state sales tax to include digital content offered by associations and other businesses. Associations offering on-demand webinars and other products in a digital form that aren’t free could be impacted by the bill. Certification tests would not be subject to the tax although online… Read more »

ASAE Asks for Answers on PA Membership Tax

ASAE delivered a letter March 4 to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) seeking more information about the department’s recent interpretation that membership fees to join a professional association are taxable if the member receives tangible personal property in addition to non-taxable services in exchange for their dues payment. The DOR rendered its interpretation in… Read more »