U.S., France Strike Deal on Digital Tax

American and French negotiators have reached a deal on how to handle France’s new digital tax on technology giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. “We have reached a very good agreement,” said French President Emmanuel Macron in a joint press conference with President Trump during the G7 summit Aug. 26. As part of the… Read more »

Tech Industry Still Wary of EU Digital Tax

Plans for a European Union (EU)-wide digital tax on big technology companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook fell apart this month when several European countries objected to the proposal. The push to adopt an EU-wide digital tax was led largely by the UK, France and Germany who want to tax tech companies earning profits in… Read more »

U.K. Digital Tax Concerning to U.S. Tax Authorities

The U.K. announced earlier this week it will implement a new digital services tax aimed at big technology companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. The U.K. tax will only be aimed at large tech firms that generate global revenue of at least 500 million pounds per year and won’t take effect until 2020, according to… Read more »

Canada Shelves Part of Anti-Spam Law

Canada’s anti-spam law is in full effect, but the Canadian government has halted a “private right of action” provision that would have allowed Canadians to sue businesses that violate spam rules. Businesses, nonprofit groups and other marketers were concerned about the private right of action provision potentially leading to frivolous lawsuits. Just before that provision… Read more »