Senate Set for Health-Care Vote Next Week

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) today unveiled another version of a bill to repeal much of the Affordable Care Act, though it’s not clear that this revised plan can get 50 votes by next week’s tentatively scheduled vote. The GOP health-care bill released today includes a controversial amendment offered by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)… Read more »

Cruz Pushing Amendment to Senate Health Bill

Senate Republicans are considering changes to their bill to repeal Obamacare, but there isn’t a clear path yet to getting 50 votes. While lawmakers answer questions about health care back in their home states this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is waiting for scores of two different versions of the health-care bill from… Read more »

ASAE Urges Inclusiveness in Healthcare Debate

ASAE earlier this week urged Senate leaders to be more inclusive in crafting health-care legislation, as opposed to working behind closed doors and with little input from health-care organizations and other stakeholders in the health-care system. Until today, the details of the Senate health-care bill had been deliberated in secret for weeks. ASAE reasoned in… Read more »

Senate GOP Leaders Unveil Health-Care Bill

After weeks of closed-door negotiations, Senate Republicans released a health-care bill today that would do away with large parts of the Affordable Care Act and cap funding for Medicaid, one of the nation’s biggest entitlement programs. The 142-page Senate bill has been called a “discussion draft” and Senate leaders emphasized that the legislation is likely… Read more »