House ACA Repeal Compromise Gains Support

House Republicans are floating a new amendment to their health care bill that would allow states to opt out of central consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act, provided the states offer an alternative proposal that lowers premiums or provides for greater competition among health insurance providers. Yesterday the amendment won support from the Freedom… Read more »

Trump Says ACA Repeal Still Top Priority

President Trump appeared to reshuffle his legislative agenda again this week by saying that Congress has to pass an Affordable Care Act replacement bill before undertaking any other major priorities such as tax reform. After suffering through a failed health care repeal-and-replace effort last month, Trump said he was content to move on to overhauling… Read more »

GOP Tweaks Health Care Plan before Recess

House Republicans leaders took steps to modify their stalled Obamacare replacement bill today as a way to show progress before leaving for a scheduled two-week recess. The Trump administration has been engaged in intense health-care discussions with Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and others this week to counter the notion that Republicans can’t agree on a… Read more »

Ryan Says Health Care Bill Will Change

Even as Republicans’ health-care overhaul bill cleared another committee hurdle today, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) acknowledged that the bill needs changes before it can pass the House. Ryan has been pressing rank-and-file Republicans to support an Affordable Care Act replacement bill despite withering criticism from conservatives, Democrats and health care industry groups. After the Congressional… Read more »