Overtime Comments Due Sept. 25

As reported in Inroads last week, comments on possible changes to the overtime rule are due to the Department of Labor by Sept. 25. The overtime rule has been identified as a major area of concern for nonprofit employers. ASAE has already submitted its comments to DOL, and has drafted model comments that other associations… Read more »

Laptop Ban Ended on Middle East Flights

The U.S. on Wednesday ended a four-month ban on laptops and other large electronic devices in the cabins of U.S.-bound flights from certain airports in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The ban was initiated in March after U.S. officials cited intelligence that terrorists were potentially working on concealing explosives in laptops and other larger… Read more »

OMB Reducing Burden on Conference Approval Process

Earlier this month, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a memo to federal agencies proposing to roll back guidance on conference spending and travel that have been in place since 2012. According to Jennifer Douris, government affairs director at SPIE, Congress would still have to eliminate the sections within appropriations that codify these… Read more »

Report Finds No FEC Violations in IRS Targeting Scandal

Federal Election Commission employees violated no rules in communicating with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about politically active nonprofit groups, according to a report from the FEC inspector general’s office. As requested by congressional committees investigating the IRS’s targeting several years ago of conservative groups applying for tax-exemption, the FEC inspector general’s office conducted an… Read more »