Charitable Giving Drops 2% in 2008

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that American charitable giving dropped 2% last year, according to the Giving USA Foundation. This was only the second time in the history of the Foundation’s survey that overall charitable giving had decreased; the last time was 1987, the same year as the “Black Monday” stock market drop…. Read more »

A Public Plan Compromise Involving Pooling?

Senators from both parties and key committees are beginning to voice support for an idea proposed by Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) earlier this week that is an alternative to a government-run public insurance company (“public plan”). While complete details have not been released, Conrad’s proposal would allow the creation of a series of state and… Read more »

Award Winners Highlight the Power of A

We’ve been using this site to keep association professionals informed and engaged in a dialogue around healthcare reform, which is by far the top priority for Congress and the administration right now and an issue in which plenty of associations have a stake. Apart from analyzing and influencing policy, however, there is a strong public… Read more »

HELP Bill Has Role for Associations

On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate Health, Education Labor and Pension (HELP) Committee Democrats as well as their House counterparts released the details and language for their respective health care bills. The HELP Committee bill details began to leak last week but yesterday’s release was the most detailed information to date. The bill avoids three major… Read more »

HELP Committee Releases Reform Bill Language

Late Friday the staff for the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee released their draft language and principles for their health care reform legislation. The language had been hinted in previous weeks, so there were few surprises. The bill includes: • A mandate for individuals to purchase insurance as well as a mandate… Read more »