DC Paid Leave Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning the DC Council will take up the Universal Paid Leave Act for a first vote. We have shared with you our serious concerns with this legislation. I also wanted to make sure you saw the Washington Post editorial this morning. Titled, Send D.C.’s Paid Family Leave Plan Back to the Drawing Board, the… Read more »

DC Paid Leave Update

November 30, 2016 Update: Chairmen Mendelson’s new legislation can be found here. November 29, 2016 The DC Council Universal Paid Leave legislation appears to be moving forward quickly with passage likely by the end of December. Today Chairman Mendelson will release a new version of his legislation. Councilmember David Grosso has told the press this… Read more »

DC Paid Leave Update

December 15, 2016 To see the most recent update on this legislation click our News section here. To see the latest draft of the legislation released on November 29 click here. To contact the Mayor or the council through our grassroots portal click here. DC Employer Mandate Model October 7, 2016: Yesterday, on the one-year… Read more »

News Alert: Court Blocks DOL Overtime Rule

Yesterday evening the U.S. District Court in Texas blocked the Department of Labor’s overtime rule from going into effect on December 1. The emergency motion was granted at the request of 21 states, ASAE, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and other like-minded organizations. The lawsuit was filed on the grounds that the DOL has overstepped… Read more »

A Post-Election Message

A deeply contentious and emotional national election is over and no matter how we feel personally about the outcome, we as association leaders have a unique challenge and opportunity to impact public policy in a positive way and put our resources to work for the betterment of society and the world at large. While campaigns… Read more »