DC Council Approves Budget, Tax Cuts

This week the DC Council took the first step towards approving the city’s budget and preserving tax cuts approved by Council in 2014. The cuts include an increase in the amount residents may exempt from the estate tax from $2 million to roughly $5.5 million. The business franchise tax will also be lowered from 9… Read more »

DHS Says Laptop Ban on Europe-US Flights Still Possible

Despite earlier reports that US officials had opted not to ban laptops on incoming flights from Europe, the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that the decision has not been finalized. DHS responded to the Politico article by emphasizing that the ban could is still being considered. The proposed ban would prohibit large electronics, including… Read more »

White House Reveals Extent of Lobbying Waivers

After a public dispute with the Office of Government Ethics, the White House has shared the names of the employees who have been given waivers from this administration’s ban on hiring former lobbyists. At least 16 White House officials were granted waivers that allow them to work on issues they had handled in their private-sector… Read more »

Democrats Hope to Use Net Neutrality Fight Against Republicans

The FCC has released its official proposal for repealing the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules. Hoping to turn it into a divisive campaign issue for Republicans, Democrats are beginning to rally grassroots efforts to spark public outrage and cost Republicans 2018 votes. The Republican-led FCC ultimately has final say on the rules, but Democrats are… Read more »

Travel Ban Injunction Upheld By Fourth Circuit

President Trump’s proposed travel ban was dealt a defeat today when the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction blocking a significant part of the Trump administration’s travel ban from going into effect. The decision by the court will prevents the administration from implementing their denial of visas to citizens of six majority-Muslim countries…. Read more »