Healthcare Bill Moves to the Senate

On Wednesday the Congressional Budget Office released an assessment of the House Republican’s American Health Care Act (AHCA). The CBO report states the AHCA would reduce the federal deficit by $119 billion over the next decade. The cost savings would come from an $884 billion cut in Medicaid as well as reductions in individual insurance… Read more »

Comments Due on Proposed ‘Extreme Vetting’ Procedures

ASAE has learned that the Trump administration is soliciting public comments on proposed “extreme vetting” procedures for foreign nationals seeking entry to the U.S. ASAE is strongly supportive of appropriate screening procedures but is concerned that the changes proposed by the administration are excessive and could discourage business travel and tourism to the U.S. The… Read more »

Congressional Funding Bill in Flux

Unable to reach a deal on a broad funding bill, Republican lawmakers are supporting a one-week funding bill to keep the government open past Friday evening. “This continuing resolution will continue to keep the government open and operating as normal for the next several days, in order to finalize legislation to fund the federal government… Read more »

Congress Prepares for Budget Showdown

The deadline for Congress to reach a deal on a funding bill is quickly approaching. The current CR was passed by the lame-duck Congress last year after they were unable to reach an agreement on a larger package. A budget must be passed by April 28 to avoid a government shutdown. Congressional Democrats have said… Read more »