IRS Urged to Complete Donor Disclosure Rollback

The IRS took a step closer to rolling back donor disclosure requirements for certain tax-exempt organizations after hearing from witnesses at an agency hearing Feb. 7. The IRS has proposed removing the requirement that trade associations and other tax-exempt groups provide the names and addresses of donors who contribute $5,000 or more on Schedule B… Read more »

MT Governor Urges IRS Not to Reduce Donor Disclosure

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock this week urged the IRS to reconsider its proposed rules that would reduce donor disclosure rules for certain tax-exempt groups. In comments to the IRS, Bullock reiterated his concern about the influence of “dark money” in politics and said the states may need donor information to enforce limits on nonprofit political… Read more »

NY Nonprofit Donor Disclosure Rules Struck Down

A federal judge this week struck down key provisions of New York’s lobbying law that would have required 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups to publicly disclose information about their donors. New York’s lobbying law was passed by state legislators in 2016. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration said the law was needed to address political corruption after… Read more »

IRS Issues New Rules to Reduce Donor Disclosure

The Treasury Department on Sept. 6 issued proposed rules to once again reduce donor disclosure rules for certain tax-exempt groups weeks after a federal judge vacated similar guidance because there had not been a notice and comment period. Under the proposed rules, trade associations and other 501(c) tax-exempt organizations would no longer be required to… Read more »

Nonprofits Await IRS Guidance on Donor Disclosure

Nonprofits are waiting for instructions from the IRS on whether they need to file amended tax returns for 2018 after a federal court vacated the administration’s rollback of donor disclosure requirements. The Treasury Department has not yet said whether it will appeal the July 30 ruling that invalidated the agency’s 2018 guidance, which ended a… Read more »