Appeals Court Hears Travel Ban Arguments

The legality of President Trump’s revised travel ban was debated this week by a federal appeals court in Richmond, VA. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals heard a challenge May 8 to a Maryland judge’s decision to suspend a revised version of Trump’s executive order which would block travelers from six Muslim-majority countries from entering… Read more »

Supreme Court Lets PAC Limits Stand

The Supreme Court this week declined to review a challenge to the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) contribution limits for traditional political action committees (PACs). The petition for certiorari had been filed with the Supreme Court by the Stop REID PAC after a federal appeals court decision earlier this year that upheld the FEC’s PAC contribution… Read more »

Supreme Court to Hear Antitrust Case Dec. 7

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Dec. 7 in an antitrust class action dispute over whether membership and governance rights in a trade association is enough to constitute a conspiracy in the event of anti-competitive behavior. ASAE filed an amicus brief in the case earlier this year. The lawsuit Osborn v. Visa Inc. was… Read more »