Congress Shapes Omnibus Spending Package

Congress cleared a budget deal earlier this month that sets new caps on how much the government can spend over the next two years, but must still pass an omnibus package next month with detailed spending levels for each federal program for the rest of fiscal 2018, which ends Sept. 30. Top-line funding levels for… Read more »

Trump Rolls Out Infrastructure Plan

The White House this week released a long-awaited plan to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure, focused on investments in rural America and letting state and local governments prioritize projects. The $1.5 trillion plan includes a $200 billion investment from the federal government, which President Trump said will “strengthen the economy, make our country more competitive, reduce… Read more »

Congress Reaches Two-Year Budget Deal

Congressional leaders have reportedly agreed on a two-year deal to lift strict budget caps on defense and domestic spending, which would end the stopgap spending bills and shutdown threats that have made headlines the past few months. The budget agreement would boost defense spending this year by $80 billion and domestic spending by $63 billion…. Read more »

Ways and Means Plotting Next Steps on Taxes

House Ways and Means Republicans will hold a half-day retreat next week to discuss next steps on tax policy and prioritize the rest of their agenda for 2018. Ways and Means Republicans are working to combine a number of tax provisions into one tax extenders bill that Congress could take up later this year. To… Read more »

Debt Ceiling Deadline Sooner Than Expected

Congress has about six weeks to raise the debt ceiling, a faster-than-expected timeline attributable to the new tax law, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). If the debt limit is not raised by the first half of March, “the government would be unable to pay its obligations fully, and it would delay making payments… Read more »