Congress Has Crowded Agenda Ahead of Tax Reform

Congressional leaders and the White House continue to cite tax reform as a top priority for this session but a number of other issues are complicating the legislative agenda, including advancing a health care bill, passing a budget and increasing the debt ceiling before the fall. Republican senators are still resolving ideological differences in putting… Read more »

Sanctuary Cities Issue Could Trigger Shutdown

The Trump administration is urging congressional Republicans to deny funding for sanctuary cities in a must-pass spending bill later this month, a stance that would almost certainly increase the threat of a government shutdown. When Congress returns from a two-week recess, lawmakers will be facing a deadline of April 28 to pass legislation that funds… Read more »

Government Funding Debate Looms in April

With a deadline looming next month to keep the government funded, House Republicans are looking to avoid a protracted showdown with Democrats that could result in a government shutdown. Congress is facing a deadline of April 28 to pass legislation that funds the government through September, and congressional Republicans know that Democratic support will be… Read more »