House Passes Budget, Paves Way for Tax Reform

House Republicans narrowly passed the Senate’s budget plan today, clearing a major hurdle in their quest to overhaul the tax code this year. The budget legislation is a far cry from the plan the House initially passed, which would have required lawmakers to offset the costs of new tax cuts and slash mandatory spending by… Read more »

Senate Readies for Budget Vote This Week

The Senate is in the midst of a 50-hour “vote-a-rama” on various amendments to the budget resolution but appears on track to pass a bill on Friday. Senate Democrats girded for the three-day budget battle by preparing 20-plus amendments that will force Republicans to go on record in support of Medicare and Medicaid cuts to… Read more »

Trump Cuts Debt Ceiling Deal with Democrats

President Trump yesterday struck a deal with Democratic leaders to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government for three months, meaning Congress will need to strike a major bipartisan spending/debt limit deal in December. Congressional Republicans, eager to avoid multiple contentious votes on an issue that divides their rank-and-file members, had initially proposed raising… Read more »

Spending Bill Likely to Include Harvey Aid

Republican leaders sound increasingly likely to tie disaster relief funding for Hurricane Harvey to a larger bill to fund the government and raise the nation’s debt ceiling. Avoiding a government shutdown and raising the nation’s borrowing limit are top priorities for September when Congress returns from recess, and including the disaster aid could increase pressure… Read more »

Trump Threatens Shutdown over Border Wall Funding

With a difficult legislative agenda on deck when Congress returns from its August recess, President Trump this week called for a government shutdown if Congress does not approve funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump has been critical of “obstructionist” Democrats, but also of Republican lawmakers who he feels are not pushing his… Read more »