American Automobile Association

AAA School Safety Patrol Program The AAA School Safety Program combines leadership training and safety education for grade school children, who volunteer to serve as safety patrol officers outside of their schools before and after class. Patrollers help children cross at busy intersections, working in teams or with adult crossing guards and also assist on… Read more »

American Academy of Pediatrics

Helping Babies Breathe Helping Babies Breathe is a training program developed by members of the American Academy of Pediatrics to give developing countries the essential skills of newborn resuscitation to reduce infant mortality. The program was introduced in Kenya, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Tanzania for testing and validation. Helping Babies Breathe was developed on the… Read more »

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Haiti Relief and Disaster Preparedness Less than 48 hours after the January earthquake in Haiti, members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons sprang into action to provide surgical aid to earthquake survivors. The organization established a Central Command Center to identify volunteers and coordinate with other medical organizations, government agencies and supply agencies on… Read more »

2010 Associations Make a Better World Awards

Recognizing association programs, projects and activities that make a significant contribution to society and economies around the world. The American Academy of Ophthalmology Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE) Network The ONE Network is an online educational platform designed for ophthalmologists and continually updated by hundreds of volunteer ophthalmologists. The network offers the opportunity to engage… Read more »

National Business Aviation Association And Aerobridge

Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies (C.A.R.E.) When the earthquake struck Haiti, the National Business Aviation Association immediately took flight. Its membership volunteered to take part in a unified effort to bring life-saving specialists and supplies to impacted areas and transport victims to medical centers for treatment. Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies (C.A.R.E.), an independent group… Read more »