ASAE created the Power of A to help educate policymakers, the public and other stakeholders about how associations strengthen America. The Power of A highlights how the association community plays an essential role in enhancing lives, forging a more trained and highly competitive workforce, building the economy, driving innovation and making a better world. The… Read more »

April 30 is the deadline to enter the 2017 Power of A Awards, and now is the time to think about your entries. For some information and inspiration, click here and scroll down the page to find a listing and brief descriptions of 2016’s 30 Gold Award winning programs. The 2016 honors went to a… Read more »

As associations gear up for an exciting and challenging year, please ask what you can do for your community! There are several easy ways you can participate in our industry’s Power of A initiative and help bring to life how associations strengthen America. Join the Thunderclap. By giving a safe, one time access to your… Read more »

Now through April 30, you may nominate your association to earn a 2017 Power of A Award, one of our industry’s highest honors. ASAE’s Power of A Awards demonstrate how associations strengthen America. Every entry brings to life the association community’s most valuable contributions to society on the local, national and global levels. Silver, gold… Read more »

The Power of A is the association industry’s brand – a platform by which our community educates others about how we are essential to strengthening America. Through the Power of A, we reach policymakers, opinion leaders, the media and even members of our own industry to ensure audiences know all of the benefits we offer… Read more »