Government Funding Awaits Lame Duck Congress

Congress has returned to work this week needing to agree on seven fiscal 2019 spending bills to prevent a partial shutdown from beginning on Dec. 7. After last week’s midterm elections, the political dynamic has changed with Democrats gaining at least 32 seats to retake the House, with several races still undecided. Reaching common ground… Read more »

GOP Scrambling to Avoid Shutdown

House leaders have laid out plans to pass several “minibus” packages to fund government agencies before government funding expires on Sept. 30. Various policy disputes and the White House are complicating the process, however. Spending negotiations have slowed since Congress’s return from August recess due to debate over dozens of policy riders and President Trump’s… Read more »

Senate Back in DC to Take Up Spending Bills

The Senate is back to work today after an abridged recess, with plans to keep the appropriations process on track and consider some more nominations. The House will not return to session until Sept. 4, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants to hammer out spending bills for Defense and the Departments of Labor… Read more »

Senate Approves IRS Funding Bill

The Senate passed a package of four appropriations bills, including roughly $11.3 billion in fiscal year 2019 funding for the IRS. The Senate package, which passed 92-6 earlier this week, would give the IRS about $350 million less than the House agreed to last month. Both bills include about $77 million in additional funding specifically… Read more »