Congress Weighs Delaying Spending Talks

Congressional appropriators are weighing whether to extend current government funding into early February to avoid a budget fight during Democrats’ impeachment proceedings. The Senate has been having floor debate on bills to fund the government for fiscal 2020, but the pace of negotiations has been slow. Current short-term funding runs out Nov. 21 and it… Read more »

Lawmakers Still Far Apart on Spending Bills

As the Senate this week began floor debate on bills to fund the government, Democratic leaders called for bicameral discussions to reconcile competing spending allocations for the 12 annual appropriations measures. Given the slow pace of the appropriations process, lawmakers are acknowledging that a second stopgap spending bill will likely be needed to extend funding… Read more »

Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill

The Senate passed a stopgap spending bill earlier today to keep the government running through Nov. 21. The 82-15 vote came a week after the House passed the same measure so the Senate’s action will send the bill to President Trump for his signature. Once signed by President Trump, the short-term CR will give Congress… Read more »

Senate Bill Would Boost IRS Funding

The Senate Appropriations Committee advanced a fiscal 2020 spending bill today that would fund the IRS at $11.4 billion, including an additional $200 million for enforcement activities to address the tax gap. The IRS has long pleaded with Congress for additional funding to aid enforcement and collection efforts but has dealt with budget cuts for… Read more »

House Passes Stopgap Spending Bill

The House passed a “clean” short-term spending bill today that would fund the government through late November, putting off any tussle over President Trump’s border policies until later in the year. The Senate is expected to clear the bill next week and President Trump is expected to sign it. House progressives initially debated whether to… Read more »