U.S., EU Officials Discuss Laptop Ban

Homeland Security (DHS) officials met with their European Union counterparts in Brussels earlier this week to discuss security concerns and a controversial U.S. proposal to ban laptops and other electronics from U.S.-bound flights. DHS and the European Commission issued a joint statement afterwards indicating that they have “reaffirmed their commitment to working closely together” and… Read more »

EU Won’t Suspend Visa Waivers for Americans

The European Commission decided last week not to suspend visa-free travel for citizens of the U.S. and Canada given recent discussions to resolve visa reciprocity issues. EU lawmakers had been pressuring the European Commission to suspend visa waiver privileges for Americans and Canadians traveling to Europe until both countries allow visa reciprocity for all EU… Read more »

U.S. Considers Electronics Ban on Flights From Europe

The carry-on electronics ban affecting incoming flights from parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East may soon be expanded to include flights from Europe. CBS News reported on May 9 that the Department of Homeland Security has told airlines to be prepared to expand the electronics ban to nonstop, incoming flights to the U.S…. Read more »

TSA Won’t Accept Driver’s Licenses from 8 States

Beginning early next year, travelers from eight states will no longer be able to clear airport security and board a domestic flight with only their driver’s license. Last week, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials began posting signs in airports alerting travelers to the new rules that will take effect on Jan. 22, 2018. The rules… Read more »

DOT Announces Air Traveler Protections

The Obama administration this week announced a number of new regulations designed to protect air travelers and promote competition in the airline industry. The regulations, announced by Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, are in response to an executive order issued by President Obama directing federal agencies to identify ways to relieve undue burdens on competition and… Read more »