More than 2,200 associations have joined ASAE’s latest letter to Congress requesting COVID-19 assistance for 501(c)(6) organizations. The deadline to join the letter is tomorrow and interested parties are encouraged to add their organization’s name to the letter here.

ASAE’s sign-on letter urges Congress to expand access to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to include 501(c)(6) nonprofit associations; extend the PPP until at least March 31, 2021; allow 501(c)(6) associations to obtain a second PPP loan if needed, referred to as a “second draw”; expand the definition for eligible receipts within the second draw program to include in-person event cancellations and lost revenue from certification programs and other education; and apply the lobbying restrictions for eligible PPP loan recipients outlined in the House-passed HEROES Act. That restriction requires PPP loan recipients to exclude compensation to any federally registered lobbyist as an eligible PPP expense.

As of this week, negotiations on a new coronavirus relief package are still stalled, but POLITICO is reporting today that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has directed her committee chairs to draft a scaled-back coronavirus relief package that could reignite talks with White House officials.

“We’ll be hopefully soon to the table with them, but very soon showing you where our money would be spent,” Pelosi told reporters.

The package that House Democrats are assembling will likely carry a price tag of around $2 trillion. Aid to state and local governments is a Democratic priority and has been a big stumbling block in talks. Earlier this month, Senate Republicans tried to pass a skinny $500 billion COVID-19 relief bill that Democrats called “emaciated,” and President Trump complicated the GOP position recently by saying he’s open to a bigger bill that includes another round of direct payments to individuals.