This month marks the start of year three for ASAE’s Professional Certification Coalition (PCC). Created by ASAE and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, with support from the Pillsbury law firm, the PCC informs policymakers about the importance of voluntary professional certification and helps uphold responsible standards to certify professionals in all lines of work. Check out the Coalition’s great work from year two.

In its third year, the PCC will continue to address state legislation that could adversely affect the professional certification community. In 2020, however, the group is also leading advocacy on two federal bills: the Skills Renewal Act, which would provide Americans who have been laid-off or furloughed as a result of COVID-19 a $4,000 tax credit to pursue post-secondary skills training and thereby help open new employment opportunities to them. If amended, as proposed by the PCC,  Americans could also use the credit to pursue and obtain industry certifications and other professional credentials that would help them more fully access the economy and contribute to a dynamic marketplace through increased competition and consumer choice; and the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act, which would permit individuals to use 529 savings plan funds to obtain and maintain a postsecondary credential. One of the primary ways associations strengthen the economy is by offering certifications and other credentials that help professionals distinguish themselves within an industry and promote a dynamic marketplace. This critical legislation would support professionals of all education levels, as well as associations and other certifying entities, to further benefit the economy. Watch ASAE’s virtual town hall with Congressional bill sponsors.

If you want to help promote and defend professional certification, visit the PCC’s website to review membership and read the Coalition’s white paper. For more information on professional certification or the PCC, email Jeff Evans, ASAE’s associate director of public policy, at