The Senate passed a stopgap spending bill earlier today to keep the government running through Nov. 21. The 82-15 vote came a week after the House passed the same measure so the Senate’s action will send the bill to President Trump for his signature.

Once signed by President Trump, the short-term CR will give Congress time to complete the 12 annual spending bills for fiscal year 2020. The appropriations process is bogged down in the Senate for a number of reasons, including Republican plans to add $5 billion in funding next year for President Trump’s border wall – the same issue that caused a 35-day government shutdown last winter.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) was scheduled to meet with President Trump today to talk strategy on how to move fiscal 2020 spending bills. “We’ll talk about approps – where we are, how can we move, what’s it going to take,” Shelby told reporters. “I’m just going to discuss…the merits of moving all our bills.”