Over the past 10 years, through the Power of A, we have helped educate others, including policymakers, on how associations strengthen America and the world. Our efforts that boost the economy, educate the workforce, create standards, and help others are just some of the messages that have been shared with stakeholders over the past decade.

Today, we are adding another power to the list of how associations strengthen America – how we have perfected the art of working together so that everyone can succeed to their fullest. Associations are champions for all those who rely on civil discourse for the good of society. And, we are taking steps to spread the word.

We’ve begun by adding a page to our website and drafting a statement of commitment to let others, including the 116th Congress, know that we are here to help and are rooting for them to work together to solve our nation’s pressing problems. We also will be highlighting examples of your work so that all of us can always be reminded of the pressing need for civility.

If you would like your example of collaboration to be shared, please email us a short paragraph describing your efforts that we can include in our next Power of A in Action website update. Please email your story to Chris Vest at cvest@asaecenter.org.

Thank you for all you do to strengthen society. And, thank you for reviewing our information.